Canadian 2017 25c Coin Commemorates Stanley Cup Anniversary

The Royal Canadian Mint is now selling specially-wrapped rolls and 10-coin packs of a new 25-cent circulation coin that celebrates the 125 Anniversary of the Stanley Cup®. Introduced in 1892,…

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UK Stagflation, Soaring Inflation CPI 2.3%, RPI 3.2%, Real 4.4%

The implications of sterling’s sharp drop in the wake of the Brexit vote were inflationary resulting in an an increase the price of imports and therefore has been exerting upwards pressure on shop prices as suppliers restock at the worse exchange rate that already depressed retailers such as the big supermarkets had delayed fully implementing that is likely to result in a crisis for the retail sector during 2017 that literally faces a perfect storm, that could even result in a Woolworth’s moment…
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Gold Futures End Near 3-Week High

Precious metals futures were mixed, though mostly higher Tuesday. Gold and silver extended their gains to four straight sessions. Gold logged yet another finish at a near 3-week high while silver…

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Weekly Tech Update

There have been major moves in tech this week — and it is only Tuesday. Join us for our tech wrap-up as we keep investors up to date on the latest news.

Snap Finally Got its “Buy” Rating

It has been a rough start for social media giant Snap Inc. Its IPO came out of the gate hot, before faltering and entering a downward spiral. The market regarded Snap’s IPO with speculation. Many analysts turned their back on Snap’s flashy, attention-garnering antics.

Lucky for Snap, it finally got its first “buy” rating on Monday from Monness Crespi Hardt analyst James Cakmak. And the market reacted. Yesterday, Snap’s stock surged 4%. It closed the day with a 2% increase.

What does this mean for Snap? In the short term, it has given the stock a bit of a popularity boost. But many analysts are still bearish, standing by their suggestions of “sell” or “hold.” It is too early to tell how this will affect Snap’s stock in the long term. But for today it would seem the little ghost got a break from the onslaught of trouble it has endured since IPO.

Apple Debuts New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

This morning, Apple’s website went down. And people entered a frenzy. Because the tech giant’s website going down usually signals one thing: a new product is about to drop.

And drop it did. Apple released new versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It also released a new version of its 9.7-inch iPad. But what makes these versions different?

It is all about the color. All three new products are deep red, a gesture to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

In its lifetime, Apple has raised over $ 120 million for RED, a charity focused on fighting HIV/AIDS.

You can buy the new phone this Friday, March 24th. The starting price is $ 749.

Waymo on the Move

As you probably know, Waymo and Uber are locked in a legal battle. Last time we checked, things were getting messy.

Waymo stands by its accusations that an ex-engineer gave Uber intellectual property. And even locked in a vicious legal battle, Waymo refuses to slow down in its self-driving car pursuit.

The company just poached a major eBay executive to help with its public policy and government affairs department. Waymo CEO John Krafcik said in a post on LinkedIn that the company hired Tekedra Mawakana.

The hiring is a major milestone for Waymo and just the latest venture in its busy month. Waymo will be on our radar moving forward.

There you have it. From self-driving cars to social media, tech is killing it this week. And things are just getting started. Stay tuned as we keep an eye on the iPhone 8, Snap’s market growth, and the Uber/Waymo dispute.
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Conspiracy defines government, and cowardice the monetary metals mining industry RSS Feed – 24hGold Editorials and commentaries

New to bullion investing? Important guidelines to get you safely started – Coin Update News

Coin Update News

New to bullion investing? Important guidelines to get you safely started
Coin Update News
The melt value for virtually all bullion coins and collectible coins is widely available. Consult with a reputable financial advisor you trust who has specialized investment knowledge. You may want to talk to other investors, too. Shop around. Most

and more »

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The Demise of the Gold and Silver Bull Run is Greatly Exaggerated

A few analysts are once again beating the drums for much lower gold and silver prices – supposedly just around the corner. They mistake the testing of a recent breakout for a turnaround in the main trend. In the process they are sowing confusion. Here are some charts that show the main trend, along with reasons why the price of gold and silver is on track for a sharp rise, thanks to bullish fundamentals.
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Investing in the Billion-Dollar Stoner Movie Business

As an investor in the legal cannabis space, I’ve made a ton of money by investing in everything from cultivation to cannabis testing technologies. And as the industry continues to develop, we will continue to see new, very profitable opportunities for those with the foresight and courage to invest in this space.

Of course, even before cannabis became legal in certain states, there were always legal opportunities for cannabis investors. One of these opportunities was in motion pictures. Just ask the legendary comic duo Cheech & Chong, who built a “stoner movie” franchise that generated more than $ 160 million just in Box Office sales alone.

I couldn’t find the numbers, but you can imagine what the value is of that franchise when you consider back-end deals, cable and broadcast, mobile and streaming, and licensing deals.

While some folks may see the Cheech and Chong movies as nothing more than fodder for potheads, the reality is that Cheech and Chong were ahead of their time, and those who invested in their earlier movies made a ton of money.

Although the same can be said for any cannabis-related movie these days.

Certainly it was Cheech and Chong that blew the doors off this opportunity, but since Up in Smoke debuted in 1978, there have been dozens of highly-profitable “stoner movies.”

Take a look at just a few of the highest-grossing stoner movies of all time …

  • Pineapple Express – $ 87 million
  • How High – $ 31 million
  • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle – $ 18.2 million
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High – $ 27 million
  • Super Troopers – $ 18.4 million
  • Friday – $ 30 million

And these are just domestic box office numbers that don’t include international box office, back-end deals, cable and broadcast, mobile and streaming, and licensing deals.

The bottom line is that the stoner movie business is a very profitable one. Particularly if you get the right people involved.

Grow House

Of all the stoner movies out there, I would say Friday is my favorite. Actually, I love the entire Friday franchise. It’s a masterpiece of comedy and social commentary that only a few very talented writers and directors could pull off.

The mastermind behind the Friday franchise is Mark (DJ Pooh) Jordan, and his latest release looks like its going to be a hit, too. It’s called Grow House, and it features Snoop Dogg, Malcolm McDowell, Faizon Love, and George Wallace.

The trailer was just released, and it’s going to hit theaters on 4/20.

Rest assured, I’ll be there.

Check it out …

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Is collecting fun or profit more important?

This morning’s email once again provides a topic for my blog.

Actually, two topics are covered.

The email said: “I read your ‘If Avoiding Loss is goal, choose gold.”

“I guess all the rolls of America the Beautiful quarters I have pounded the pavement to collect are going to be worth only face value after all these years is what you are trying to say.

“One thing I meant to ask long ago which you might want to throw out to the readership is how and where people store their coins. From my knowledge of other coin club members the really sophisticated people store them in a home vault. I don’t think that would be safe (no pun intended) for me at home.

“Some time ago I went all over looking at bank safe deposit boxes as my bank was taken over by a larger bank and doubled the fee. I was shocked to find today many banks have individual plastic boxes not metal within their large safes.

“I was worried long-term storage of my rolls would discolor. This might be happening as I visited the bank with plastic boxes when the fee was due just recently.

“All I can think of, is to get some of that blue anti-tarnish cloth and wrap the rolls in them and face the fact I have to trudge around looking for another metal box again.

“I was beginning to wonder if metal safe deposit boxes are even made today anymore.

“If any of your readers have any knowledge if the plastic used in these modern safe deposit boxes will degrade the base metal, please let me know.

“Unfortunately, I am hooked like a kid collecting baseball cards on collecting the latest quarters and can’t stop, ’til they stop or I do depart”

I responded to the email this way:

“Thanks for writing. I appreciate your reaction to what I wrote.

“If the purpose of your collecting is to do what interests you and to have fun doing it, there is nothing wrong with collecting uncirculated rolls of the many quarter designs that have been issued since 1999.

“If you are getting them for face value or close to it, you cannot really go wrong.

“But as you know, there are some individuals in our hobby that measure their satisfaction only in terms of profit and often believe that they can buy something from the U.S. Mint and sell it for a profit later.

“My column was written simply to point out that not everything the Mint issues can be sold later at a profit and that the odds of a profit improve if you hold things for a long time and they are made of gold or silver.

“No collector that I have ever met wants to lose money. However, no collector has ever a achieved a 100 percent track record of selling everything for more than he paid.

“As for whether your rolls are safe in plastic safe deposit boxes, I have no information.

“No one has written with an evaluation or experience one way or the other. I will run your email as a letter to the editor to see what sort of information can be gathered from readers.”

As you can see, I am running this as a blog as well to hopefully and helpfully widen the audience.

If anyone has advice regarding safe deposit boxes, send me an email at

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

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Trump Watershed Budget

You have never seen an attempt to change direction in the Federal juggernaut, as outlined in the Trump budget to revamp discretionary spending. Bob Adelmann of The New American provides an apt appraisal in Trump’s “Blueprint” Budget Is a Policy Statement; Real Budget to Follow. For a full reading of this framework review the White House document. OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, has delivered a bold variation from the normal accommodation to the political careerists and influence peddlers.

No doubt this America First departure from the status quo is a shock to the entire composition of elites, radical factions and pseudo intellectuals, alike. The vehement hatred for all things Trump, has hit heights previously unknown in domestic politics. As disappointing as such hysteria has been, it is not a surprise when one analyzes the nature of the power political system.  

For Trump supporters, voting for a Republican majority in Congress was billed as the way to reverse the all powerful and intrusive dictates from the central government. Reducing funding for programs and agencies was once a cardinal objective for conservatives. Beyond this simple goal was the restrained aspiration of balancing the budget with the definitive goal of reducing the national debt, having the ultimate purpose of eliminating that debt.

Illustrating the timidity of the weak kneed RINO cowards, GOP Lawmakers Get Skittish Over Trump Budget Cuts. Now let’s be honest, the country club Republicans are prisoners of K Street and the corporate globalists. Many are closet “Never Trump” opposition within the Republican Party.  

What resistance developed during the last campaign cycle as manifested in Establishment Rule still in Control, continues in the current Congress. The disconnect between the hard pressed working class with the privileged ruling caste of cabal criminals has not been reversed with the inauguration of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Only the sheer will of a determined businessman offers any optimism of what might be possible to achieve.

When asking, Can the Swamp Really be Drained?, the answer can only be judged against the realities of the self-induced omnipotent government culture that resists any restrains on their ability to spend more public money.

While this Trump proposed budget does not reduce the debt, it is intended not to increase it. This is really a modest attempt to adjust internal expenditures among some agencies that have resisted any intrusion into their fiefdoms of control. Nor is this a perfect allocation in reductions. The much needed roll back in the State Department, especially in foreign aid funding is long overdue. However, as reported in Trump’s budget cuts State Dept, keeps foreign aid to Israel, shows the reluctance in including the 800 pound gorilla in sharing the pain.

“The blueprint released by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) “provides $3.1 billion to meet the security assistance commitment to Israel, currently at an all-time high [sic]; ensuring that Israel has the ability to defend itself from threats and maintain its Qualitative Military Edge.”

Maintaining sacred orthodox expenditures is an obvious bridge too far to cross. But when Trump’s Budget Meets Bipartisan Opposition and Big Sequestration Hurdle, the prophetic words of Mick Mulvaney, sums up the method used to compile the budget that the disloyal opposition has sure intense abhorrence for a pro national president.

“In fact, we wrote it using the president’s own words,” Mulvaney said. “We went through his speeches, we went through articles that have been written about his policies, we talked to him, and we wanted to know what his policies were, and we turned those policies into numbers. So you have an ‘America First’ candidate, you have an ‘America First’ budget.”

Increasing the Defense Department by $54 billion cuts both ways. America First is as much about asserting a strong national defense, while maintaining a non-interventionist foreign policy overseas. The perennial dichotomy that the bipartisan war party defends to the death has the need to deploy troops to garrison compounds for expanding the empire. Never is there a reflection, much less a revamping of the foreign policy that has American treasure and blood protecting the globalist agenda of worldwide dominance.

It is a given that the libtards would cry foul when their favorite social program gets the axe, but why should any honest advocate for a smaller government and limited federal governance join the defiance to the Trump budget? As The Hill writes in Shutdown politics return to the Senate, the Senator Schumer minority leader is setting the stage for another pompous threat to obstruct the Trump administration.

“If Republicans insist on inserting poison pill riders such as defunding Planned Parenthood, building a border wall, or starting a deportation force, they will be shutting down the government and delivering a severe blow to our economy,” they wrote in the letter.”

This intimidation that comes from a party that refuses to timely approve Trump appointees to key agency slots can only offer an obstructionist opposition. So when the Bleeding Heart Limousine crew of hypocrites want to trigger a convoluted guilt ridden scare, you should look them straight in the eye and explain why they are such frauds.

 You can still get to heaven if you support Trump’s proposed budget nicely describes the proper context.

” Mr. Trump, in his budget, proposes to eliminate the Community Development Block Grant program, which partially funds Meals on Wheels. As Scott Shackford at Reason, wrote, “The big problem here is that ‘We help fund Meals on Wheels’ is how the government sells the CDBG program, but how it actually operates in the cities and communities that get the money is far different. The CDBG program is chock full of cronyism and corruption and should be eliminated. Much like the corrupt city redevelopment agencies, what actually ends up happening is that this money gets funneled by politicians to friends with connections for various projects that aren’t really about helping the poor at all.” 

So what is the correct analysis and balance that the Trump administration should strive to achieve? ZeroHedge looks at Trump’s Budget A First Step Toward De-Politicizing Science.

“It should go without saying that scientific research is a vital part of civilized society, allowing for technological breakthroughs that dramatically increase the quality of life for mankind as a whole. It is precisely because of its great importance that it should not be politicized by being influenced by politicians and government bureaucrats. The inherent problems of government’s inability to efficiently allocate scarce resources doesn’t change when the subject is science, so government research can suffer with the same issues of waste, fraud, and abuse that regularly haunt other programs.

While his proposed budget is a solid first step toward de-politicizing science, unfortunately the increase in Pentagon spending means that military-related research will continue to enjoy the perks of government privilege. Resources that could have been dedicated to serving the wants and needs of the public will instead be allocated to building ever more expensive weapons for the world’s most powerful military (regardless of its actual performance).

As long as Trump continues to view the military-industrial complex as a sacred cow, he won’t make real progress in draining the swamp.”

This is the rational assessment, but the Beltway culture will never allow a serious debate on scaling back the role the federal government plays in the national economy. When you have an untouchable technocratic bloc of bureaucratic power grabbers, entrenched into unaccountable government agencies, just how is it possible to clean out unnecessary programs and useless  departments?

The culture of collectivists has burrowed themselves into the federal money machine, that defraud the taxpayer and refuse to provide a utilitarian function. Seldom does one get such clear proof of exactly the hubris from elected legislators and public officials, who are agents of maintaining the corrupt political system. If your representative objects to the proposed cuts in EPA, State, Agriculture, Labor, HHS, Commerce, Education, HUD and Transportation Departments; they are part of the crony establishment cartel.

If the Trump administration is blocked from making these prudent budget reductions, who and when, will anyone ever achieve even a modest reform of the deficit addict disease that has plagued our government for decades?

The “I Love DC” society was defeated in the last presidential election. Even so, the vast majority of incumbent legislators were also returned to office. By comparison, few are true Trump allies. Add into this equation that many of the Trump appointees are dedicated politicians that are still comfortable with the old ways of grinding out the sausage of receptacle bribes and favors.

Following the way the GOP puts their imprimatur on this budget process will disclose to the faithful, just how difficult it will be for President Trump to domesticate the vulture scavengers from their feeding habit ways. Mick Mulvaney has presented a worthy budget that deserves public support. The Trump America First budget is a positive start on purging the corrupt system of much of the wasteful influence from several harmful agencies.

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Stock Market Long, Hot Summer

      It looks like the Dow is due for its first major correction of 2017. While the expected downturn could be “uncomfortable” for many, it is not expected to witness the end of the secular bull market. Lindsay’s long cycle is expected to count a 15yr interval between point A (10/10/02) and points J or H. That would place the more important high in the period from October’17 until September’18.
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Legend Auctions Realizes $373K in Premier Online Sale

Legend Rare Coin Auctions realized $ 373,368 from its March Premier Session Internet Only Auction, the company announced Friday, Mar. 17. The 13-day online event ended Thursday, Mar. 16, and…

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Small change can make difference when coins are rare – The Catholic Telegraph (press release)

The Catholic Telegraph (press release)

Small change can make difference when coins are rare
The Catholic Telegraph (press release)
(That's 25 percent, not 25 cents.) He owns a collection of about 10,000 coins that represent not a mere hobby but an investment in which he's a busy trader. “I'm always selling this coin, moving that coin,” he said. His activities have provided

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GATA Chairman Bill Murphy interviewed by Reluctant Preppers RSS Feed – 24hGold Editorials and commentaries

Crude Oil Price Decline Continuation

I like this Crude oil decline, and to date, it has been a picture perfect Cycle’s development.  Members of The Financial Tap were already tracking that expectation in advance, and positioned well to take advantage.  But that big decline, which started on March 7th took many by surprise, judging by the extreme (Long) positioning seen with the COT report.  And if you were not already short before the move began, the speed of the decline made it nearly impossible to establish a new position thereafter.
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NGC Certifies 2 Million Chinese Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has authenticated and graded 2 million Chinese coins, the company announced in a news release on Monday, Mar. 20. NGC opened its first submission center in…

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Trump’s Big Bluff

This article originally was published here:

Wow, there were some great college basketball games played over the weekend!

Upsets are always a big part of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. But holy moly — seeded #8 in their regional bracket, Wisconsin took out last year’s champion and the favorite to win this year, #1 overall seed Villanova.

Michigan, #7 seed, won a thriller over Rick Pitino’s #2 seeded Louisville Cardinals. My late grandfather, Luke Corder, was a Southern Baptist preacher in Columbia, South Carolina. I can just hear him declaring, “Great day in the morning,” about his beloved Gamecocks taking down Coach K and the mighty Duke Blue Devils. 

As a Virginia-born transplant to Baltimore, Maryland, I had a sad few days — both Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth University lost in the first round. And it seemed almost impossible to do what the University of Virginia Cavaliers did — score just 39 points in an entire game. And, uh, yeah, they lost. 

The brackets I submitted for the Angel Publishing office pool are in shambles. Even if my pick to win it all, UCLA, actually does win the damn thing, I don’t think I can make it even into the top 10 in the office. That’s how bad it is. And if UCLA loses, well, they know who to blame…

With so much attention-grabbing action, I can’t blame you if you missed the news of another significant meeting over the weekend. Truth be told, G20 meetings usually don’t grab headlines. But this time they should. Because a potentially very dangerous precedent was made — one that could be a big negative for the U.S. economy.

The End of Free Trade?

The G20 is short for the Group of 20, the 20 largest economies in the world that account for about 85% of GDP. Finance ministers, central bankers, and political leaders of the G20 meet every so often to keep the wheels of the global economy greased. Part of that mission usually revolves around reiterating commitments to free trade.

Not anymore…

For the last decade, G20 meetings have ended with a statement validating the shared commitment to free trade. But we also know President Trump won the election largely due to his “America First” promises. Trump believes many of the free trade agreements the U.S. has signed with Mexico, China, and others have been one-sided, encouraging U.S. companies to move production overseas and costing American jobs. 

Anecdotal evidence backs him up — it is very easy to see a new Ford plant in Mexico that hires Mexicans and conclude that it comes at the cost of American workers. It is not as easy for people to see that a new Toyota factory in Texas is hiring American workers. 

In any event, the statement from this weekend’s G20 meeting dropped the standard pledge to remain committed to free global trade. It’s basically the U.S. against the world on this. And the U.S. definitely pulls some weight…

As the biggest economy, biggest military, and home of the world’s reserve currency, we get to throw our weight around. And if the U.S. wants to abandon commitments to free trade, well, no one can stop us. 

But is this the best way to get things done? 

Donald Trump has promised to renegotiate trade deals and add a “border adjustment tax” that amounts to tariffs on goods produced overseas that get imported to the U.S. The problem with that is two-fold.

One, your talking about taxing Fords built in Mexico that come to the U.S. That hurts Ford.

Or think about the iPhone. Made in China and sourcing parts form 50 countries, it’s an example of how intertwined the global economy has become. 

We’re also talking about U.S. retailers that sell clothes made overseas. Any CEO for Macy’s or J.C. Penney will tell you that a border adjustment tax instantly makes every retailer a money-loser. And when companies lose money, they fire employees.

Part two of the problem is if the U.S. starts penalizing foreign countries with import taxes, they will almost certainly retaliate. That will slow the flow of U.S. exports, probably costing more American jobs. 

A Calculated Bluff 

Basically, Trump is pushing a form of protectionism. Protectionism has been tried before, and it has a tendency to lead to recession. Imports and exports slow, which basically means the economy slows, prices rise, people lose jobs — it’s everything we don’t want. 

And plenty of talking heads have come out bemoaning this dramatic shift away from free trade and toward protectionist policies. One of my favorite economists, Stephen Roach, said, “It’s pretty disappointing when you get finance ministers from leading countries in the world who, out of the blue, are unable to validate the commitment to anti-protectionism which is the underpinning globalization.”

The French finance minister said, “There wasn’t a G-20 disagreement, there was disagreement within the G-20 between a country and all the others.”

He means, of course, the U.S. disagreed. 

Now, here’s the thing: Trump could be bluffing. I find it easy to imagine that he is starting with very hardball tactics with the intention of softening his demands as other countries ponder the long-term effects of protectionist policies. After all, if you want to have a trade war, the U.S. is going to fare better than most. 

In fact, the U.S. probably “wins.” But that doesn’t mean we could do so without pain. If Trump’s bluff is called, the U.S. probably does enter a recession. And a lot of U.S. workers probably do lose their jobs. 

So look at the stock market for direction. Is the Dow down 500 points because of the imminent trade-related recession? No. It’s not. Is the S&P 500 tanking as analysts slash earnings estimates for Apple and Ford? Nope. 

It seems to me that the market is sending a pretty clear signal: The biggest investors do not believe Trump will go with the nuclear option and launch a global trade war.

And the market is usually right.

Until next time,

brit''s sig

Briton Ryle

follow basic@BritonRyle on Twitter

An 18-year veteran of the newsletter business, Briton Ryle is the editor of The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter, with a focus on top-quality dividend growth stocks and REITs. Briton also manages the Real Income Trader advisory service, where his readers take regular cash payouts using a low-risk covered call option strategy. He also contributes a weekly column to the Wealth Daily e-letter. To learn more about Briton, click here.

This article originally was published here:

Trump’s Big Bluff originally appeared in Wealth Daily. Fortune Favors the Bold

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