Time for Crude Oil Price Drop below $50?

Trading position (short-term; our opinion): Short positions (with a stop-loss order at $ 56.45 and an initial downside target at $ 45.81) are justified from the risk/reward perspective. On Wednesday, crude oil lost 2.57% after the head of the IEA warned of a significant increase in U.S. shale output as OPEC and non-OPEC producers cut […]

Gold Price 50-DMA Breakout

In yesterday’s alert, we wrote that the decline in the USD Index was likely a temporary phenomenon based on the investor’s needless overreaction – the USD reversed and more than erased this week’s decline. The metals’ reaction was also in tune with our expectations – they reversed. Was this just a one-day phenomenon and will […]

Gold Price Forecast 2017 Update – Video

The gold price bottomed on the 15th of December 2016 at $ 1124.30 since which entered an uptrend that has taken the precious metal to its recent high of $ 1207, apparently catching many gold bugs asleep at the wheel, many of whom had publically thrown in the towel due to the failure of Gold […]

Gold Price 2017 Trending Towards $1375 as Forecast

The gold price hit bottom at $ 1124.30 on the 15th of December 2016 following which it entered an uptrend that has taken the precious metal to a recent high of $ 1207, all this whilst apparently many gold bugs were asleep at the wheel having publically thrown in the towel due to the failure […]

Gold Price In GBP Rises 4% On Brexit and UK Economy Risks

– Pound fell 2% against gold yesterday after Theresa May created Brexit concerns  – May’s ‘Hard Brexit’ denial does not calm markets growing fears – Investors concerned about lack of government strategy and uncertainty The Market Oracle

Gold Price US$700? OR US$7000?

Does either of the above preclude the other?  In other words, if we expect gold to reach $ 7000 per ounce, and we are correct, does that mean that we can’t reasonably expect gold to go as low as $ 700 per ounce? Conversely, if we are predicting or expecting gold to continue its current […]

Bitcoin Price Breaks Above $1,000 On First Day of 2017

In the first hours of 2017, bitcoin has surpassed the $ 1,000 USD mark. The Market Oracle

Gold Price Due for a Bounce, But Remains in Long-term Bearish Trend

Bruce Powers writes: Spot gold (XAU/USD) remains in a long-term downtrend following a test of resistance at the long-term downtrend line over multiple weeks from July to September, and then again in November. A swing high of $ 1,375.15 was reached during that time, which was also a 2016 high and the highest price since […]

US Mint Gold Coin Price Reductions Likely on Wed., Dec. 21

On Wednesday, Dec. 21, the United States Mint will likely reduce prices on two dozen gold products. The U.S. Mint’s collections of collector gold coins have prices that can change weekly depending… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Coin News

Goldman Sachs is Talking Nonsense Again: Shale will not affect Global Oil Supply until Price hits $85

Latest headline: “Goldman Sachs Warns the Saudis: ‘’U.S. Shale Will Respond’’ Reminds me of when we all used to sing-along the company song ”House Prices Always go up”; and why not? If you could get the suckers to buy that idea, selling them AAA-rated (toxic) collateralized debt obligations concocted by Goldman Sachs, was a synch. […]

The Scary Part Of The Gold Price Curve

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Deutsche Bank Turns Over Proof of Metals Price Rigging

Some say there is honor among thieves. Perhaps, but apparently not among the banking class of criminals when they are under serious legal and regulatory pressure. German behemoth Deutsche Bank agreed last spring to assist plaintiffs and regulators by ratting out their co-conspirator banks in a wide-ranging scheme to rig prices and cheat clients. The […]

Silver Bullion Price Buying Opportunity for 2017?

In my second video in this series looking at prospects for previous metals investing for 2017, I take a look at the silver bullion price. Also remember to check out the other videos in this precious metals series. The Market Oracle

Gold Bullion Price Buying Opportunity for 2017?

This is the first in a series of video analysis that take a look at the precious metals and their stocks. The Gold price has recently taken quite a battering with the price having fallen form a 2016 high of $ 1378 to its last close of $ 1171 which is not far from its […]

A ‘Wicked Rally’ in Gold Price Predicted

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger charts recent moves in the gold market and sees a rally in the making. Last week I felt that IF gold broke $ 1,180, it could see another $ 140 downside, taking it to the December 2015 lows of around $ 1,045. I also saw that the Relative Strength Index […]

Why We Haven’t Seen Gold Price Rally after Trump Victory

Even though the markets haven’t behaved logically of late, it would have seemed a slam dunk for gold to rise if Donald Trump won. After all, we faced uncertainty around his policies, rising inflation from infrastructure spending, and higher expected growth rates. But instead, gold has headed back down more sharply. It had its initial […]

Breakdown and Slide in Crude Oil Price

Trading position (short-term; our opinion): No positions are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Crude oil gained 2.21% yesterday and came back above $ 47, but taking a dive today, confirming that closing the long positions yesterday and taking profits off the table was a good idea. Now, the question is how much does today’s decline […]

Gold Price is Oversold but Broken

Last week we wrote that the 2016 bull market in Gold and gold stocks had gone off course. It had moved too far out of the historical boundaries to remain a bull market. There was also other evidence of such including but not limited to rising real yields. Gold’s last hope was to hold $ […]

Four Thousand Years of Price Control

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Gold Price Intervention Circuit Diagram and Determinants Intervention Policy – Nico Simons

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