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Gold Price Is 1% Shy of Ripping Higher

Precious metals are on the verge of a legendary move, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, and details the indicators he watches for. With the first round of the French elections over and a potential beginning of the end for the Eurozone might be within sight, this is only one of the macro-political […]

House Price Bubble Hit with 15 Foreign Buyers Tax

“People need to ask themselves very carefully, ‘Why am I buying this house?”’: Stephen Poloz, Bank of Canada. The government of the Province of Ontario announced a laundry list of measures to prick the crazy house price bubble in Toronto and surrounding areas. This includes a 15% transfer tax imposed on home sales to non-resident […]

Tesco Collapses Into a Sink Hole, Stock Price Down 10% in 3 Trading Days!

Whist the mainstream media focuses on some of Tesco’s latest result numbers, mostly painting a bright picture of Britain’s supermarket giant recovering, with sales up for the first time in 7 years and with the SFO false accounting scandal behind it. Tesco reports first sales growth in 7 years – FT 12th April The Market […]

Gold Price and Gaps

irst, let me say that a new high by Gold in week 16 of this current Intermediate Cycle is an extremely positive development as we now have a setup that should ensure that Gold has a Right Translated cycle that makes a higher Intermediate Low than the December 2016 YCL. Should this play out to […]

Negative Real Interest Rates to Drive Gold Price Higher

At its March meeting, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.25%. In doing so, it hiked rates for only the third time since 2006. However, in a strange turn of events, the Fed’s move was perceived as a dovish one by the markets. That’s because even with inflation at its highest level since 2012, […]

Record 1804 price would benefit all collectors

History will be made tonight. The Dexter example of the 1804 Bust silver dollar goes on the auction block in Baltimore. Stack’s Bower’s is calling the fifth D. Brent Pogue Collection Auction. The 1804 dollar is a highlight lot. Anytime the King of American coins goes up for bids, it is history being made. Tonight […]

Bitcoin Price Rises Higher Than Gold But Its Value Is a Different Story

Since hitting a record-low of $ 177 in January 2015, Bitcoin is up almost 600%. On March 2, 2017, it reached a new high of $ 1,268 per unit—thus surpassing the price of an ounce of gold for the first time ever. So, what’s the driving force behind this parabolic rise? The More Dimwitted Governments […]

Crude Oil Price Decline Continuation

I like this Crude oil decline, and to date, it has been a picture perfect Cycle’s development.  Members of The Financial Tap were already tracking that expectation in advance, and positioned well to take advantage.  But that big decline, which started on March 7th took many by surprise, judging by the extreme (Long) positioning seen […]

Crude Oil Price Outlook 2017 – Video

My crude oil in-depth analysis and concluding trend forecast for 2016 proved remarkably accurate, and so I get a lot of comments requesting a similar exercise for 2017. However my analysis has so far not lead me in the direction of the oil price, nevertheless my recent analysis on the SNP’s latest call for a […]

Price of silver Eagle tells whole story

What’s it worth is probably the most frequently asked question in numismatics. I’ll bet it even leads “What is it?” Most people think a coin that is the same as another coin should be of equal value. This morning’s exercise proves it in one case. Let’s say you are interested in the 2016 uncirculated collector […]

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The Biggest Financial Crime In History

According to the mainstream financial media (MFM), the biggest financial frauds in history are the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, with roughly $ 20 billion in net investor losses, and the Bank State rigging of LIBOR, which resulted in 16 guilty banks paying $ 35 billion in fines, which supposedly equated to their theft. The Market […]

Tesco Crisis – Stock Price 60% Collapse

Tesco by far ranks as Britain’s number 1 retailer in terms of sales of over £54 billion for the last accounting year, more than twice its nearest rival Sainsbury. The Tesco stock price says it all of just how badly run Britain’s super market giant has been for many years, which goes beyond the usual […]

EURUSD: When Price Pattern Trumps Other “Reasons”

Waves of market psychology often warn of trend changes before the news — see how This was an eventful week in politics, monetary policy and the markets — and to many observers, the three seemed to be linked. On Wednesday (March 1), the U.S. dollar did something it hadn’t done in almost two months: It […]

Global Inflation Surges, Central Banks Losing Control and Triggered the Wage Price Spiral?

Whilst in Britain, inflation focus is on the surge in prices following the BrExit vote that triggered a 20% drop in sterling which is slowly but steadily feeding its way through the supply chain and heralds a nightmare 2017 for already distressed retailers such as Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer that is literally facing a crisis […]

When Atlas Shrugged… Part Two : Gibson’s Paradox and the Gold Price

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Watch What Happens When Silver Price Hits $26… 

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in our good friend David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David, thanks so much for joining us. It’s great to have you on, as always. How are you doing so far here in 2017? David Morgan: I’m doing pretty good, Mike. It’s great to be on […]

Banker Gold Price Suppression Currency Manipulations Have Persisted for 50 years

This 1967 meeting of the FOMC nearly 46 years ago is clear and indisputable evidence of gold price suppression and currency manipulation of the world’s “free” and “open” market exchanges. This criminal cabal has certainly built up their mechanisms since this time to conceal their sinister scheme from issuing dishonest money. It’s blatant now and […]

Brent Crude Oil Price Technical Update: Low Volatility Leads to High Volatility

Since our last update on oil two months ago (Dec. 22, 2016) Brent Crude has not gone far, rising approximately 2.4% from 54.82 to 56.16 today. During this time it has traded within a relatively tight range (low volatility), from around a low of 53.61 to a high of 58.35. The chart pattern that has […]

Bitcoin Price Dancing around $1,000

In short: no speculative positions. Needham & Co., an investment firm, has issued a new report on the potential success of three prospective Bitcoin ETF. In the report, we read: Given elevated interest in the bitcoin ETFs that are going through the regulatory approval process we’re revisting the subject with a deeper dive to take […]

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