Silver Price Discovery – It’s Still a Fixing

Absurdities continue in the world of derivative or electronic or paper silver. In what will someday be viewed as the monumental public relations miracle that it is, the silver fix has been transplanted into just another body riddled with cancer. Below I’ve collected and commented on one of the most prevalent stories characterizing the announcement. […]

Crude Oil Price Double Top or Further Rally?

Trading position (short-term; our opinion): No positions are justified from the risk/reward perspective. In other words, we think that taking profits off the table and closing the previous long positions is a good idea. On Tuesday, crude oil gave some of earlier gains after news that Iran and Libya have continued to increase production. In […]

Will price drop make gold coins a bargain?

Gold has dropped to $ 1,256 this morning. Sudden market weakness has taken the precious metal down by over $ 50 in recent days. Unless an equally sharp bounce occurs, the Mint will have to reprice its gold issues. Of primary interest to buyers will be the price of the quarter-ounce gold Standing Liberty quarter. […]

Gold Price to Rally $80 into October 14th?

I admit I missed the GDX move down to 22.93 today, but at the same time it has presented itself with a great opportunity. The chart below is predicting GDX 29.84 by October 14. I am now leveraged, extremely leveraged with options for a strong rally ahead in gold and GDX. A lot of negative […]

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Crude Oil Price Trend Forecast 2016 Update

At the start of the year the prevailing mood in the oil market was not just one of doom and gloom but of catastrophe as the oil price sunk below $ 30, skidding by the middle of February to virtually touch $ 25, a period during which many prominent analysts and investment banks such as […]

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Gold Stocks Massive Price Correction

Gold stocks have suffered a terrible month, plunging in a serious selloff.  The resulting carnage has left investors and speculators shaken, wondering if this red-hot sector’s blistering new bull this year has already run out of steam.  These fears are misplaced, as massive corrections are common in major gold-stock bulls.  They create bulls’ best buying […]

The Next Sector To Recover From The Oil Price Crash

Oilfield services, shipbuilders and other industries that rose with the pre-2014 oil price boom have had it hard. Since barrel rates fell, their previous patrons have become uninterested in doling out major purchase orders, leaving oil and gas equipment manufacturers without revenues. A recent report by Arkansas Online says the energy industry’s support sector could […]

An Important Low for Gold Price and Gold Stocks?

Gold and gold stocks bounced to end the week thanks to an oversold condition coupled with a softer than expected jobs report which likely delays Fed action until December. At one point this past week the market had priced in a 64% chance of a single rate hike by December and a 42% chance of […]

The Power of Price Spikes On Intraday Charts

Last week ended on a very positive note for those who follow and trade filtered price spikes. What is a filtered price spike? In short, I scan pre-market, and post-market trading hours’ price charts of SPY, QQQ, IWM, GLD, and GDX for a very special odd tick in the market which creates a spike on […]

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Suspicious Reversal in Gold Price

Gold moved lower early during yesterday’s session, but came back up later on and finally gold ended the session only less than $ 3 lower. Can we view such a reversal as a bullish sign? Not necessarily – a reversal should be confirmed by high volume and yesterday’s session wasn’t. Consequently, one needs to look […]

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Gold Price is Not Topping

I’m starting to see a lot of analysts now calling for gold to drop down into a bottom in October. It’s amazing how these guys can consistently get this wrong over and over again. Gold isn’t topping. Gold has been bouncing around in a range for the last 5 weeks giving the 200 day moving […]

The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Price

The global economic and financial system is in much worse shape than I originally thought.  New data and information suggest that the collapse will occur much quicker and with more dire results.  This will cause global silver production to literally fall off a cliff within the next decade. Again, this is far worse than anything […]

Gold Price Has Now Entered Its Strongest Seasonal Period

My analysis indicates that gold will be implemented in order to protect ‘global purchasing power’ and to minimize losses during our upcoming periods of ‘market shock’. It serves as a high-quality, liquid asset to be used whereas selling other assets would cause losses. Central Banks of the world’s largest long-term investment portfolios use gold to mitigate […]

Will this Crude Oil Price Rally hold?

Crude has finally reversed higher to recover some of its recent losses, and is now showing clear evidence of a new Daily Cycle (DC) and Crude Oil Rally.  There are early signs of a new Investor Cycle (IC) as well. Midweek, Crude bottomed on day 44 before reversing sharply higher and punching through the declining […]

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